Battleon Town Square (Cutscene) #1


Prim (Class Recruiter): You certainly know how to make an Entrance, whoever you are.
Hero: <Hero>. My name's <Hero>.
Prim (Class Recruiter): Welcome to new Battleon, <Hero>.
Prim (Class Recruiter): I'm prim. what happened?
Hero: It's… a long story.
Hero: This guy named Vane stole death's key and escaped from the Land of The Dead.
Hero: Death brought me back to life to get his key back and send Vane back to the afterlife…
Hero: … So I fought Vane but he threw me into space to get rid of me, and I landed here.
Prim (Class Recruiter):
Hero: Ok, maybe it's not a long story. Just a weird one.
Prim (Class Recruiter): Wait… Vane? as in VANE THE VOID KING?!
Prim (Class Recruiter): He was one of the greatest threats to walk the face of lore!
Hero: Great. Well, now he's back and I need to stop him.
Hero: But he kind of wrecked me.
Prim (Class Recruiter): Maybe you need a new class?
Hero: will it make me more powerful?
Prim (Class Recruiter): Without a doubt! Every class has special skills that unlock as you master the class.
Prim (Class Recruiter): We should see which classes suit you best.
Hero: How do we do that?
Prim (Class Recruiter): A sparring match!
Prim (Class Recruiter): It's the best way for me to gauge your fighting style.
Prim (Class Recruiter): After that. I'll tell you which classes you could master.
Hero: That sounds kind of fun. Let's go!
Prim (Class Recruiter): Oh, you won't be fighting me.
Prim (Class Recruiter): You'll fight my assistant, Cate.
C.A.T.E (Class Training Golem): Systems Online
Hero: Uh… this is Cate?
Prim (Class Recruiter): Aye! Class assessment, Training, and Evaluation.
Prim (Class Recruiter): Show me what you're made of, Hero!
C.A.T.E (Class Training Golem): Beginning Evaluation

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