Battleon Town Square (Cutscene) #2


C.A.T.E (Class Training Golem): Evaluation Compl… Compl… Compl… Finished
Hero: So, how did I do?
Prim (Class Recruiter):
Hero: Something wrong?
Prim (Class Recruiter): No! I've just never seen this before.
Prim (Class Recruiter): It seems that you can be Every Class!
Prim (Class Recruiter): Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Paladin, Necromancer, Ninja, Dragonslayer, Pirate… Any Class!
Prim (Class Recruiter): You can be anything you want!
Hero: There are so many.
Hero: Which should I pick?
Prim (Class Recruiter): Why choose? If I were you, I'd master all of them!
Hero: I feel like I could use more Combat Practice.
Prim (Class Recruiter): You should go check the Quest Board!
Prim (Class Recruiter): You'll find all kinds of Hero wanted jobs posted there.
Prim (Class Recruiter): You can work on mastering your classes and earn some gold while you're at it.
Hero: Quest Board!, Huh? sounds good.
Hero: Thanks, prim. See you around.
Prim (Class Recruiter): Good Luck, <Hero>.

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