Battleon Town Square (Cutscene) #4


Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Hi, <Hero>!
Hero: Uh… How do you know my name?
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Listen, do you want to do the quest where you have to go around introducing your self to everyone in New Battleon?
Hero: Not really. That sounds tedious.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Then let's say ''I've heard people talking about the new hero in town'' and speed things along.
Hero: Fair enough.
Hero: I need to craft a New Weapon.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Convenient. I make weapons with my magic!
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Remember your weapon is more than just a tool.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): It's a tool that you use to kill stuff.

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