Bean Twilly (Cutscene)


??? (Weird Bean Thing): Hiyas, <Hero>!
Hero: Who? What… WHO are you?
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): I'm Twilly! Don't you recognize me?
Hero: No. I really, really don't.
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): Oh, right… I guess I haven't looked like this in a long time, huh?
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): This is how Artix originally drew me back in 2022. Anyway, we have to focus on saving the game!
Hero: But how do we do that?
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): We've gotta back up all the files, of course!
Hero: I'm a hero, Twilly, not a server admin!
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): Hmm. I'll raise your access level for just this one quest.
Hero: Whoa! Does that mean I'm a staff member now?
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): (Sigh.) No. You can STILL not has Mod.
Hero: Darn it!
«ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! "No, I am still not has Mod"»
Hero: But someday, I could be!
Twilly (Weird Bean Thing): Only if you stop The Death of Games!

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