Bean Twilly (NPC)

The OG Moglin
Hiyas! I'm Twilly.

- Death of Games Shop
- Arcade Gear
- Min-Max Death of Games Scythe
- Daily Quest - Arcade Coins
- Blessed by Bean Twilly

Where are we?
Oh, we are inside the AdventureQuest 3D Server.

Bean Twilly?
Huh? I'm Twilly the Moglin!

SECRET: If you unlocked the story in AFK: The Game, then you already know Bean Twilly's full origin story. And yes, it's 100% true. This is what Twilly looked like in 2002. There is a picture of him in almost every Artix Entertainment game's Inn.

Why are you wearing Tennis Shoes?
Oh! I got them from the future. I'm a time traveler.


Note: Also see Twilly (NPC) (3).

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