The Birthday Girl
Hiya there Hero! It's me, Beleen! And I'm the birthday girl! Yippie!! If my excessive use of exclamation points are any indication of how I'm feeling right now, just WAIT until you see my amazingly pink-tastic birthday items in my shop! And ohmygoodness what's even more amazing is the fact that all these items were suggested by players like YOU! Eeeeep!!! Let's see what pink presents we get to unwrap in my shop!!

- Birthday Shop

Whoa. Who Are You?
Who am I? Other than the EXTRA excited birthday girl?! My name's Beleen, and I'm Lore's perky and perpetually caffeinated pink-loving person who is an expert run-on sentence writer and all-around good-vibes-only kind-of-gal. Much to the detriment of Artix the Paladin — who is allergic to all forms of fuchsia — I am positively obsessed with the color pink and will stop at NOTHING nor NO ONE (bosses included) to bring beautiful pink thingies into the world of Lore.

You sound kind of crazy…
Aww, thank you!
…oh wait, that wasn't intended as a compliment?
Well, thank you anyway!
Tehehehe! Because you know what they say: "No great genius has ever existed without some touch of pink madness." That's actually a legit quote from Aristotle… with a touch of pink added in, of course.

Why pink!?!
Why not?! Actually, you might not know this, but the Beleen back in the early days of AdventureQuest Worlds wore… brown, shudder I don't think pink was invented yet because I started working before iPads were even invented. Which is really saying something about my age.ANYWAY.
My love for pink started when I started writing Design Notes back when dinosaurs still roamed.
Everyone on the AQW team had a certain text color to their DN posts: Artix had black, Cysero was green, J6 blue, and Beleen… well, light colors like yellow and orange had a hard time showing up on the parchment-colored page, and the one color that POPPED was a blinding pink fuchsia font color that became the staple of AQW Design Notes. And the staple of Beleen attire!


Note: This NPC appears in Ring of Doom (Location) after completing the 'Get Back in the Ring' quest until the 'Save Beleen' quest.

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