There are some fascinating fish… and other things… dwelling beneath the surface here.

Fishing Rod Quests
How may I assist you? I'm quite distracted by my research here. If you'd like to contribute you will need a more powerful Fishing Rod. Perhaps you should visit Gnobs in Box Springs.

Requires completion of the 'Fishy for the King!' quest to access this quest
- Fishing Rod Quests

Requires completion of the 'A Friendly Competition' quest to access this quest
A Prickly Feeling
So now that you have an idea of the kind of aquatic life that lurks here… would you like to assist me on a side project? Research of a more personal interest to me.
- Bony Fish

Fish Snacks
Are you craving nourishment, fisher?
- Level 12 Fishy Yums
- Level 24 Fishy Yums
- Isle of the Dead Yums

Location: Island of the Dead

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