Berry Big Problem


Pinion (Alchemist): Hmm. Just as I suspected.
Pinion (Alchemist): This concoction is mostly harmless. However…
Hero: Uh oh. What is it?
Pinion (Alchemist): Glowberries.
Pinion (Alchemist): When mixed with buttermilk, they cause a chemical reaction that, err…
Hero: It creates Moglinsters, doesn't it?
Pinion (Alchemist): Precisely! It would have no effect on a human, of course…
Hero: …Which is why nothing happened to ME.
Pinion (Alchemist): Indeed. A moglin's body chemistry is very delicate… and sometimes explosive.
Pinion (Alchemist): It's all here in this book I wrote!
Hero: Moglins: An Adorable, Comprehensive History. By Pinion the Alchemist.
Pinion (Alchemist): Indeed. Now, if you'll turn to chapter five…
Hero: Here it is. The Three Rules of Moglins.
Hero: ONE. Never give them glowberries. (Well, that would've been nice to know…)
Hero: TWO. Limit their sugar intake, as Moglins are prone to sugar rush.
Hero: and THREE… never let them stay up past midnight.
Hero: …especially once they become Moglinsters! If they do, then the transformation may be permanent.
Chilly (Little Frost Moglin): WHAT?!
Pinion (Alchemist): Yes. You must give them the antidote soon.
Chilly (Little Frost Moglin): Omigosh! We gotta get back to Frostvale, NOW!
Pinion (Alchemist): Take the book with you. It will tell you all you need to know.
Pinion (Alchemist): And good luck! You're going to need it.

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