Blackjackal (Cutscene)

Locations/Replays: Alata - Dragon Graveyard

Blackjackal (Defiler Boss): This is none of your business, hero.
Hero: This is none of your Treasure, Defiler.
Blackjackal (Defiler Boss): Heh. The Dragons aren't using it.
Blackjackal (Defiler Boss): What concern is it of yours?
Hero: It means something important to them.
Hero: I don't have to share or understand their beliefs to respect them.
Blackjackal (Defiler Boss): My crew was promised this treasure as compensation for our work.
Hero: Promised… for what? Who are you working for?
Blackjackal (Defiler Boss): HAHA! You're in over your head, hero.
Blackjackal (Defiler Boss): Next time, we won't give up so easily.
Blackjackal (Defiler Boss): Defilers! Let's go.

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