Blade of the Deep (Cutscene)


Hero: Whoa… what is this?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): This is… who are you?
Hero: Sorry, I'm <Hero>. The Kaze-Kage sent me to help you however I can.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Ah. This is my invention. It's called the Blade of the Deep.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Toru tasked me with creating a weapon that would give is the edge over our hated foes, the Pirates.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): For too long the Pirates have controlled these seas… but a Ninja's greatest weapon is stealth.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): So I designed a ship that could sail the seas while remaining hidden beneath the waves.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): With this, we could come and go as we please…
Yuki Jin (Ninja): … Attack Pirate ships without any warning, from out of the sea.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): …Even move smoothly through the water while the Pirate ships are tossed about by storms above.
Hero: That would certainly give the Ninja an advantage in the fight against the Pirates.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): It would have. But my orders have changed.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): When the Kaze-Kage received word that the Pirates got the first piece of the Trident of the Sea God…
Yuki Jin (Ninja): … He commanded that I double my efforts to complete the Blade of the Deep so we can get the second piece.
Hero: You know where the second piece of the Sea God's Trident is?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Yes. If the Pirates are allowed to complete the Trident first, they will use its power to sink Yokai Isle under the waves once and for all.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): With the Blade of the Deep, we will be able to get the second piece before they even find out where it is.
Hero: So it's underwater?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): It won't matter where it is if I don't get the Elemental Fire Crystal that I need to power the Blade of the Deep.
Hero: That sounds right up my alley. I can get it for you while you finish your work.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): I am fortunate that you came along when you did.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): There is a fire elemental, Kagu-Tsuchi, that lives in the volcanic caves near here.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): He has a fould temper but he and the Shadow of the Wind clan have been friends for many years.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Go to the caves, find Kagu-Tsuchi, and do whatever you can to get that Elemental Fire Crystal.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Just remember, Kagu-Tsuchi is a very old spirit and demands respect above all else.
Hero: I'll mind my manners. Be back soon.

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