Blademaster Hanzo Void (NPC)

Blademaster Void
Only the wisest and strongest Blademasters voids are able to wield and master the power of my Katana

Hanzo Farming Quests
- BladeMaster Rune: Hanzo

Hanzo Reward Quests
Mastery of the blademaster arts is no easy task, Minion.
- Hanzo Void: Armor, Cape, Morph
- Hanzo Void: Belt, Boots, Gloves & Shoulders
- Hanzo Void: Sword
- Hanzo Void: Shield
- Hanzo Void: Blademaster Katana

Location: Throne of Nulgath - Servants
Note: This NPC is themed from the Hanzo Void from OverSoul.

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