Blizzy (Cutscene)


Blizzy (Frost Moglin): You did it! You drove the Yettun away!
Hero: It was pretty strong. It might be back someday but I'll always help when I can.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): There is no way I can ever repay you, <hero>.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): I have already sent messages to all the other Frost Moglins that our home is ours again.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): We're going to build a town of our very own right here. I think we'll call it…
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): FROSTVALE!
Hero: Frostvale? Don't you think that will be a little too easy to confuse with the holiday, Frostval?
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): What? No way. It… it has the E at the end.
Hero: Are you sure? They're pretty close. FrostVALE… FrostVAL…
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Totally different. It'll be fine.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): I'm going to make sure that this day is never forgotten.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): I'll tell everyone the story of <hero>…
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): …The hero who selflessly helped us and truly represents all that Frostval stands for.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): I will tell my children and they will tell theirs. You are a part of our history now.
Blizzy: I'm honored. Happy Frostval, Blizzy!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): HAPPY FROSTVAL, <hero>!

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