Blizzy (NPC)


Frostval Moglin
The Yettun is a GIANT frost monster! He and his minions have attacked our town. Will you help?

Tasty Frostval Treats (NEW!)
I hope you like EggMog! I've been working on a new, improved recipe for this holiday season. I've gotta say, I think this one is going to be a BIG hit!

Meet me in Frostvale and I'll let you be the first to sample it.
- Accept Blizzy's Quest
- Travel to Frostvale

- 2023 Frostval Items *NEW*

Winter's Grasp
Celebrate Frostval with us in the town of Winter's Grasp. You can even get to Frostvale through there.
- Travel to Winter's Grasp

- Frostvale Town
- Frostval Labyrinth

Frostlorn Raiders! (Level 18+)
Battle the Frostlorn Raiders that are attacking Frostvale!
- Frostlorn Raiders! (Level 18+) (Transports you to the entrance of Frostlorn Challenge in Winter's Grasp)
- Frostlorn Mage Craft
- Frostlorn Rogue Craft

Past Frostval Items & Collections
All the special items of Frostval past are stored here! Nice and frosty!
- 2022 Frostval Items
- 2021 Frostval Items
- 2020 Frostval Items
- 2019 Frostval Items
- 2018 Frostval Items
- 2017 Frostval Items


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