Blizzy (NPC)


Frostval Moglin
I'm going to try and take my homeland back for my people, the Frost Moglins, but I need help. Will you help? The Yettun is a GIANT frost monster! He and his minions have attacked our town. Will you help?

- 2020 Frostval Items
- Frostvale Town
- Frostval Labyrinth

Frostlorn Raiders! (Level 18+)
Battle the Frostlorn Raiders that are attacking Frostvale!
- Battle the Frostlorn Raiders! (18+)
- Frostlorn Mage Craft
- Frostlorn Rogue Craft

Past Frostval Items & Collections
All the special items of Frostval past are stored here! Nice and frosty!
- 2019 Frostval Items
- 2018 Frostval Items
- 2017 Frostval Items


Note: The "Pure Water" button appears during the 'Taking Stock (Repeatable)' quest.

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