Blizzy's EggMog Recipe


Blizzy (Frost Moglin): <Hero>! What perfect timing!
Hero: Blizzy, hey! What's up?
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): As you know, my famous EggMog is Frostvale's favorite holiday treat.
Hero: Yeah? Honestly, I had no idea.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): (Gasp!) Oh, <Hero>, what a treat you're in for!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): I've been working all season to perfect the recipe.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): And I can promise you this year's batch is going to be the best EVER!
Hero: Man! I love EggMog! I can't wait to try it!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Soon, <Hero>! It just needs one more tiny tweak…
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): What do you say? Help me finish it, and I'll let you have the first taste!
Hero: Heck yeah, Blizzy! Sign me up!

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