Blood Fiend Morph (Level Scaled)

Location: Shadow Dungeon
Price: N/A (Dropped by all monsters (excluding Skeleton (Level Scaled) (Version 2))
Sellback: 0 Gold
Level: Required: 4, Scaled: (Your Current Level -1)
Power: Scaled
Description: You have found yourself one of the equipment of the Blood Fiends, a barbaric group whose sole purpose is chaos.

While equipping this head-piece, you can hear whispers that you are yet to understand. Your vision changes, it gets blurry, you can see red, blood red.

Type Bonus
Health Scaled
Attack Scaled
Armor Scaled
Evasion Scaled


  • This item is scaled. Check Scaling System for more information.
  • This item has a power variation. Check Scaling System for more information.
  • Male and Female look the same.

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