Blue Portal

The Dragon Gate is the portal to other worlds, universes, and dimensions. Those who unlock my power must prove themselves worthy and bare the responsibility of their fate.

- Teleport to 3D World
- Teleport to 8-Bit World
- Teleport to StickQuest World

Teleport to ??? World
There are infinite worlds in the Artix Entertainment Multi-verse.

Our favorite is the one where everyone in the world a video game character… and they are playing a video game where they control real life people. Of course they make those real-life people play this video game. Which is probably what is happening to you right now.

If trying to think about it breaks your brain a little, that is the game's self-correction algorithm attempting to normalize immersion. And proof that this is probably right.

Look up and wave to the being who is playing you and thank them for their awesome job during character creation.

Location: StickQuest World

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