Bone ShadowReaper of Doom

Location: ShadowReaper of Doom Upgrades - Ravenspire (Day)
Price: N/A

Sellback: 0 Gold
Level: 43
Power: Base: 900 (+0), Max: 920 (+20)
Craft Time: 1 Hour
Speed Up: N/A
Description: Following your victory during the Ravenspire Moon Festival, the axe of the fallen guardian Gaven Ravenspire was cursed and infused with pure darkness to create this terrible weapon of unstoppable dark power. This malicious axe has been infused with essences of doom to bring it's power even further beyond what it once was. However… After consuming so much power this living machine of destruction has began to evolve.

Type Bonus (Base) Bonus (Max)
Attack +2,943 +3,193


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