Bones on fire


Klaze (Pyro-Necromancer): You know what makes EVERY Undead Minion EVEN BETTER?
Klaze (Pyro-Necromancer): FIRE!
Klaze (Pyro-Necromancer): Scorching, Searing, Beautiful… FIRE!
Hero: …uh.
Klaze (Pyro-Necromancer): Gaze into the Majestic Flicking Flames.
Hero: The entire floor is on fire.
Hero: Maybe we should get an extinguisher or something?
Klaze (Pyro-Necromancer): Alright, *Maybe* things got a little out of hand…
Klaze (Pyro-Necromancer): I can only summon Fire Skeletons, but I can teach YOU how to reclaim their spirits and re-summon them as Ice Revenants.
Hero: To fight the fire?
Klaze (Pyro-Necromancer): Yes, Ice Revenants to fight my beautiful works of art.
Klaze (Pyro-Necromancer): Now come, my little teacher's assistant… You're going to need to make and fill a Phylactery.

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