Breaking Benjamin In Concert!

Locations/Replays: Jane - Battleon Town Square

Jane (Breaking Benjamin Fan): Did you hear that Breaking Benjamin is playing in Battleon right now?
Jane (Breaking Benjamin Fan): I've been their biggest fan for years and they're really playing here!
Hero (Hero): Whoa! BREAKING BENJAMIN?! How are they getting these huge bands?
Jane (Breaking Benjamin Fan): Don't know, don't care!
Jane (Breaking Benjamin Fan): All I know is my favorite band is here doing a BATTLE CONCERT!
Hero (Hero): So the mosh pit will get flooded with insane monsters that attack while the band plays…
Hero (Hero): … and we have to hold them off until Breaking Benjamin finishes their show?
Jane (Breaking Benjamin Fan): How would I know? I'm just psyched to watch the show! AHHHHHHH!

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