Breaking Rule 1


Hero: I'm starving.
Hero: It's funny, I can't barely remember ever eating before…
Hero: …But now I'm in the one place where I can't eat food, and it's all I can think about.
Spirit Dricken (Manifestation): You look hungry, traveler!
Hero: You got that right.
Spirit Dricken (Manifestation): Would you like one of my legs?
Hero: What?! NO!
Spirit Dricken (Manifestation): Don't like dark meat? How about a breast?
Hero: I'm not used to my food talking to me. You want me to eat you?!
Spirit Dricken (Manifestation): Oh, I don't mind. I'm a spirit.
Spirit Dricken (Manifestation): These aren't real legs…
Spirit Dricken (Manifestation): …They are manifestation of an abstraction of the concept of dricken legs.
Hero: Wouldn't that hurt?
Spirit Dricken (Manifestation): Not at all! I'll be perfectly fine.
Spirit Dricken (Manifestation): And it'll only cost you one memory! I'll even let you pick which one!
Hero: A… memory?
Spirit Dricken (Manifestation): Of course! Is food free on the prime plane?
Hero: No. But it usually costs money, unless you just go find food in the woods.
Spirit Dricken (Manifestation): Oh! Well, if you want to forage for free food, there's berries on this bush right here!
Hero: Hmmmm. I'm not going to BUY food but FINDING food has to be OK, right?
Hero: *Stomach growls*
Hero: Alright, berries it is!
Spirit Bush (Manifestation): Hey, how's it going?
Hero: Meh… whatever.

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