Brew Delivered


Yuki Jin (Ninja): Your timing is perfect. The Blade is nearly ready to depart.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Was Pi Mae able to make the brew for us?
Hero: Yep, got 'em right here.
Hero: Oh, by the way, Pi Mae also mentioned your tab…
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Tab? Oh, right…
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Seems like a silly thing for him to bring up… I mean, it's such a small amount…
Hero: He made it sound like you owed him quite a lot.
Hero: And now that I think about it, maybe that's why you sent me to get the brews instead of going yourself.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): What? That's silly. Do you think I'm avoiding Pi Mae because of my tab?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Can't you see I have more important matters at hand…
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Like preparing the Blade for its descent to Atlantis!
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Now, if you're done with your preposterous accusations, let us prepare to depart.
Hero: What about Captain Rhubarb? Are we picking him up along the way?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): No. His presence won't be necessary.
Hero: But what about your agreement?
Hero: You can't go back on your word.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Fine, we'll bring Captain Rhubarb with us.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): But you'll have to help him sneak into the village!

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