Hero: Wulf sent me. He said I might be able to help you.
Essa (DragonSlayer): You're <hero>, aren't you? Blade and book! I'm glad to see you!
Essa (DragonSlayer): I've heard how you helped my brother, Gibbs, in the Lower Firefields and the other DragonSlayers!
Hero: Your brother is a brave DragonSlayer. It was an honor to fight beside him.
Essa (DragonSlayer): Be honest. Did he try and blow you up?
Hero: Only a little.
«Scene: Image of gold locket with family photo»
Essa (DragonSlayer): That's my brother, alright. Our parents told me to keep him out of trouble.
Hero: You all look so happy together.
Essa (DragonSlayer): We were… but that was before the dragon…
«Scene: Returns to conversation view»
Essa (DragonSlayer): After that, we were raised in the DragonSlayer Orphanage they set up for kids like us.
Essa (DragonSlayer): Anyway, we're both DragonSlayers now and we have a job to do.
Hero: What happened here? A war?
Essa (DragonSlayer): Dragonlord Talyn.
Essa (DragonSlayer): Ashfall was never a welcoming place but these people had carved out a live for themselves in Brimston.
Essa (DragonSlayer): Talyn's servants, the dragon Malthas and his dravir captured them all and caged them like animals.
Hero: I have never known dravir to take prisoners.
Essa (DragonSlayer): They don't.
Essa (DragonSlayer): First the Crimson Circle's army is sent to attack the Ashfall Guardian Tower…
Hero: …Now dragons and dravir taking a whole village of prisoners. None of it adds up.
Essa (DragonSlayer): Dragonlord Talyn has to be stopped but right now my concern is for these people.
Essa (DragonSlayer): You help me free them and stop Malthas and I'll help you figure out Talyn's plans.
Hero: Deal. Let's do it.

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