Bringing The News To Constantine


Constantine: Ah, <Hero>! Just in time.
Constantine: We were preparing to depart to Darkhurst. I trust everything is in order ?
Hero: It is. ShadowSlayer W is making arrangements to keep everyone safe.
Hero: And your sister, Queen Safiria, is on her way to town with the vampires.
Hero: She sends her regards.
Constantine: It will be good to see her, even if she is one of them now.
Senator Sevro: You mustn't let sentiment cloud your resolve, young pup.
Senator Sevro: Peace has not yet been declared.
Senator Sevro: And the hatred between the two sides runs deep. There could be trouble ahead.
Constantine: You are right to be cautious. We must keep our guard up while we're there.
Senator Sevro: Agreed. I will do my part and survey the town when we arrive.
Hero: ShadowSlayer W and I are already taking steps to keep everyone safe.
Senator Sevro: I'll rely on my own judgement when it comes to the safety of the pack.
Constantine: This is no time to squabble.
Constantine: Do what you see fit, Sevro. Just don't go causing any trouble when we arrive.
Senator Sevro: Of course. I wouldn't dream of it.
Constantine: We will leave for Darkhurst soon, <hero>.
Constantine: Hopefully by the time the Blood Moon passes, a new era in Darkovia will begin.
Hero: We can only hope.

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