Bringing The News To Safiria


Queen Safiria: <Hero>! It is good to see you again.
Queen Safiria: Do you have any news of my brother ?
Hero: I do. Constantine has succeeded in becoming the new Were-King.
Hero: And he has committed to your idea of peace between the vampires and lycans.
Hero: Which is why I've come. You and your brother are expected in Darkhurst.
Queen Safiria: To think, peace between the vampires and werewolves.
King Vlad: A revolting idea.
Queen Safiria: Come now, my love.
Queen Safiria: I understand your animosity toward the lycans. I feel it in me as well.
Queen Safiria: But this is for the greater good of Darkovia.
King Vlad: It's not wise to trust those filthy dogs. This could be a trap!
Queen Safiria: It is my brother who I trust.
Queen Safiria: He would never do anything to betray that trust, so have faith.
King Vlad: As you wish, my Queen.
King Vlad: But I still feel it's wise to prepare for the worst.
Queen Safiria: If it will bring your calm, then do so.
King Vlad: Thank you, my Queen.
King Vlad: Now, if I could only find my sword.
Hero: Whatever preparations you have to make, do so quickly.
Hero: You are all expected at Darkhurst soon.
Hero: Now, if you'll excuse me, I must give your brother the same message.
Queen Safiria: Please give him my regards.
Hero: I will.

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