Brother Bearson's Craft Shop

Location: Brother Bearson - Doomwood Forest

Name Level Price Craft Time
Cape.png Zombie Hide Cover uncommonsmall.png 11 Metal Stitches x2, Dirty Bone x5 x15, Damp Hide x5 x20, 600 Gold OR 200 Dragon Crystals 40 Minutes
Shoulder.png Optical Mantle awesomesmall.png 11 Metal Stitches x5, Dirty Bone x10 x20, Damp Hide x4 x25, Seer Eye x2, 800 Gold OR 300 Dragon Crystals 50 Minutes
Weapon.png Beholder Blade awesomesmall.png 11 Enraged Spirit x5, Metal Stitches x5, Dirty Bone x20, Damp Hide x20, Seer Eye x2, 800 Gold 50 Minutes
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