You'd be surprised what you can learn around the tower if you just keep your eyes and ears open.

Me? I've been a Guardian longer than anyone in this tower. I never had much desire to climb the ladder and get promoted. I just like helping people and being a part of something greater than myself. And rumors, of course.

The Tower Commander is a natural leader. He's always willing to listen to the opinion of his soldiers, but that isn't always a great thing. Spirian has very different ideas of how he would run things and doesn't mind letting people know.

He's a very talented mage but thinks quite a lot of his own skills and opinions. He thinks that magic is the answer to everything and he lets his thirst for more magic knowledge lead him sometimes. He's a little bitter that he hasn't been given his own tower to run yet.

Amriel Althis
Amriel is a very by-the-book-guy. There's no question that he's a gifted strategist, but he can be a little distant. Erik often has to remind him that these are real people going into battle and not just chess pieces for him to move… and sacrifice… to gain the advantage.

She is one of the most fearsome fighters that I have ever seen and she never loses her cool. She's got a bit of ego and, who knows, maybe she deserves it. It's hard for her to take things seriously, even on the battlefield, but she's the first person you want to invite to a party.

Aristotle Tummybundle
Aristotle is my best friend. We came up through the ranks together. Once he wanted to be a battle mage for the Guardians but he's more interested in knowing everything than using what he knows. He guards those books fiercely. Spirian has tried for years to get him to hand over some of the books of Dark Guardian Magics that he has stored away but he's never given in.

Fortes is a master of his art and he'll be the first to you. He swears that the secrets of forging Guardian blades and armor make them superior to any you'll find on the face of Lore. He's loud and opinionated but loves a good laugh. He and Zoria prank each other and trade barbs but only because they are such good friends.

Zoria is a breath of fresh air. She was born right here in Battleon and joined the Guardians the second she could. She's got a lot of skills and goes out of her way to help everyone but sometimes she lets people take advantage of her giving nature. A lot of us look after her like a little sister and that drives her a little crazy. Which makes it more fun!

Molu's brain runs like a frogzard that got into the quickberries and his mouth runs at about the same speed. If he could settle his mind and focus I could see him being a great tactician like Amriel Althis. Oh yeah, he's got some fairly serious feelings for Melani.

Melani is all business. She takes her job very seriously and I have no doubt that she'll end up on the war council if not running this tower someday. She makes Molu lunch every day. Molu thinks it's because she has feelings for him but really she just crams his mouth with food to stop him from talking for a minute. She has no idea what she's doing to poor Molu but they'll sort things out eventually.

Tyr is a good warrior but she's got a bad attitude and a short temper. She agrees with Spirian that we need to get on the offensive and do whatever it takes to protect the peace and defeat our enemies. The only way to impress her being a skilled fighter.

Lyrias is the quiet time. He would rather spend days tinkering with a new spell than talk to most anyone for ten minutes, except Amriel Althis. Once they get talking on a subject, there's no stopping them. He's not a bad sort. He just likes to get wrapped up in his work which makes him perfect for the Sanctum.

Typhan has a one track mind. He has been obsessed with portals for as long as I've known him. Portals. Portals! PORTALS! Just try and get him to talk about something else. He won't. I'm not even sure that he can.

Location: Guardian Tower
Level: 1

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