Cains' Introduction


Cains (DragonSlayer): Was that you making all that noise down in the Lower Firefields?
Hero: You mean the explosion? Yeah, that was me… but Gibbs built the bombs.
Cains (DragonSlayer): He's making bombs now. That's… terrifying.
Cains (DragonSlayer): I'm Cains. Good to know ya.
Hero: Nice to mee you. I'm…
Cains (DragonSlayer): NOPE. You don't get a name.
Hero: I don't? Why not?
Cains (DragonSlayer): Because if you get a name then I start getting attached. Then you fall in the lava or Valek kills you and I'm sad.
Cains (DragonSlayer): If you don't have a name you're just "that random person that got eaten". I can deal with that.
Hero: Valek?
Cains (DragonSlayer): Valek is the red dragon below. He's likely in charge of Dragonlord Talyn's army here in the Firefields.
Cains (DragonSlayer): It's OUR job to do whatever we can to trip him up, slow him down and make his life suck.
Hero: How do we do that?
Cains (DragonSlayer): However we can! Come on, No Name! I've never had an intern before. This will be fun!

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