Campbell's Quests

Quest Locations:

Quests Begun From: Campbell

Defeat Trolluks in Greenguard Cave Livingstone Caverns.
I need your help with the Trolluks. They have this game where they run at each other and butt heads and the first person to fall over is the loser. No way I was going to back down from a challenge, but the town healer says he won't fix any more of my skull fractures so now I need you to show them who the big cheese is. Go bust some heads and soften up some Trolluks for me. I think 5 should do the trick.

Items Required:

  • Defeat Trolluks x5


  • 100 40 15 18 Gold
  • 500 200 150 180 Exp



Quest Location: Battleon
Quests Begun From: Campbell

I always thought that wolves liked meat but maybe these punks are hopping on the vegan train. They are gonzo for these huge nuts that grow in Greenguard. Anyway, I use the oil to shine my boots. I'd ask you to gather some from the bushes but at this point it's easier to just knock the nuts out of the wolves. Think you can manage to bring me 6 Wolf Nuts?

Items Required:

  • Collect Wolf Nuts x6


  • 100 Gold
  • 500 XP
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