Candy (Cutscene)


Myx (Magic Cauldron): Myx, if you're one of Eve's servants too, why do you want to stop her?
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Don't get me wrong, I'm all for conquering the world… just not ruining it. I want to defect. I want to live here.
Hero: You do?
Myx (Magic Cauldron): As charming as it sounds, the Terror Dimension isn't really a great place to call home.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): You have so much here that you take for granted. Blue skies, pancakes, dirt…
Hero: You don't have dirt over there?
Myx (Magic Cauldron): We do. It's just constantly screaming. This dirt is much better. It doesn't even grunt.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Plus, coming over here means a fresh start. I'm just a low ranking minion over there. Here I could be my own person…
Myx (Magic Cauldron): …cauldron. Whatever.
Hero: A Minion, huh? Is that why she made you into a cauldron instead of one of the monsters?
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Yeah… the cursed candy has to come from somewhere, ya know?
Hero: Wait. You're MAKING the cursed candy?! YOU HAVE TO STOP!
Myx (Magic Cauldron): I can't stop. It's part of me. I can't stop it any more than you can stop farting.
Hero: You… fart… candy?
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Can we stop talking about my functions and get back to saving the world, please?

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