Cannonball to the Fangface


Hero: Augh! We still don't have any stakes! I can't get him to stay DOWN!
Tük Pilfersnach: Don't worry, <Hero>! I've got this!
Tük Pilfersnach: Just one well-aimed cannon ball, and…
«Scene: Cap'n Fangface gets hit by the cannonball.»
Tük Pilfersnach: Ha HA! There he goes! He got blown clean off the ship!
Tük Pilfersnach: Hey, lookit that! His crew is all jumpin' in to save him!
Tük Pilfersnach: Tsk. Don't they know that vampires can't drown?
Hero: At least they're finally gone.
Aurelio Voltaire: And just in time! We're about to land on Skull Punch Island!

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