Cap'n Chumbeard's Map Reformed!


Hero: All right, I've got it. This is the final piece of Cap'n Chumbeard's treasure map!
Tük Pilfersnach: One… Two… Three! Yep, that's right!
Aurelio Voltaire: Fantastic! That treasure is as good as ours.
Cap'n Fangface: Not so fast.
Cap'n Fangface: That treasure map be mine… And I'll be takin' the ship too!
Aurelio Voltaire: Hey, aren't you that guy I hired to swab the decks?
Cap'n Fangface: Aye, and now I be the democratically elected leader of this crew.
Aurelio Voltaire: What? No! I'm the captain of the Black Betty!
Cap'n Fangface: Well, ye were until we mutinied.
Aurelio Voltaire: You can't do that! I rented this ship from Captain Rhubarb fair and square. It's all in mt contract!
Hero: Rhubarb, eh? I thought this ship looked familiar.
Aurelio Voltaire: Oh, you have been on the Red Betty? This is her sister ship. She's got a much cooler paint job, don't you think?
Cap'n Fangface: Enough! I'm done listenin' to yer yappin!
Cap'n Fangface: Vampirates! Attack this two-bit rent-a-captain and his landlubbin' friend!
Aurelio Voltaire: Fight them off, <Hero>! Hold out for as long as you can!
Aurelio Voltaire: I've got the map, and I'm going to get us to Skull Punch Island!

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