Capt. Rhubarb


Salty Sea Dog
Ahoy Matey! Time to be celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day. I've got some booty in me chest for ye.

- 2018 Pirate Collection (Chest)
- 2018 Pirate Collection (Shop)
- Talk Like A Pirate Day! (Cutscene)
- To Lolosia

Past Pirate Collections
Lookin' for last year's Pirate Collection Items? Ye can find them here. Ye can't get the items as a collection or the badge no more but the items are still there for ye.

- 2017 Pirate Items
- 2017 Pirate Collection


Note: The option to travel to Yokai Island is accessible during and after the 'Talk to Capt. Rhubarb quest.

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