Caretaker's Watchtower


Alata (Fairy Dragon): Thank you again for your help.
Hero: Blackjackal said that someone promised him and his crew the treasure for their work…
Hero: Do you know who employs him?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): … No! I thought Blackjackal was running the Defilers!
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Oh, I wish Zakaru would come out of his tower.
Hero: Zakaru. That's the caretaker, right?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Yes. He's been protecting this graveyard for centuries…
Alata (Fairy Dragon): They made the Caretaker's Watchtower impossible for even spirits to enter unless the Caretaker allows them…
Alata (Fairy Dragon): …Or they have the key to the lower entrance.
Hero: There's another entrance?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Yes, the tower was built on top of a cave system, they lead up into the tower.
Hero: Let's use that!
Alata (Fairy Dragon): We can't. The key to the cave entrance is part of Ashen's Hoard.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): He was the dragon who designed the tower and oversaw its construction.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): But, I can't touch another dragon's hoard.
Hero: Well, I can.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): WHAT?! NO! That would make you as bad as the Defilers!
Hero: No, I wouldn't be stealing it.
Hero: I would make sure it got back to Ashen's Hoard when I was done.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): That's still a terrible sin… but maybe there is a way…
Alata (Fairy Dragon): There is a ritual that would allow you to ask Ashen's permission to *Gulp* borrow an item from his trove.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): But we'll need some items from around the crater.
Hero: Let's get started!

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