Carrots And Cake


Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Hiya!
Hero: Hey Cysero, I'm hunting for a Grenwog today. Did you see any around?
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): A Grenwog? Well, that sounds fun… I haven't seen one but something did steal some of the carrots I was growing.
Hero: It must have been the Greenwog! Do you have any more? Hooper and I can use it as bait to catch the Grenwog!
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Normally I'd ask you to stratch your back and send you across Lore doing my errands… But today I'm feeling generous. Sure, take this cake back to Hooper and share it with him.
Hero: Uhm, okay. How will this help me get carrots?
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Just trust me.

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