Catching Up with Valencia


Valencia: Look who's back! Seems someone had an exciting adventure in the desert.
Valencia: Giant sand monsters, evil witches, pyramids from the other realms!
Valencia: So… Did you get anything to show from it all?
Hero: Just some peace of mind of knowing the lamp won't be used by the wrong people ever again.
Valencia: That's not what my eyes tell me. What's that you got there?
Hero: It's Zhoom's bow. He gave it to me as a sign of his gratitude.
Hero: A cherished heirloom passed down along his family's history, from what I understand.
Valencia: I can see why… That thing looks like it dates back to the time of the Keepers! Maybe even before!
Valencia: I've never seen craftsmanship like this! It must be worth a fortune!
Valencia: Wait… There's a symbol on this bow that looks familiar. I can't quite place where I've --
Valencia: Oh! I've seen this exact rune on the town portal in Battleon!
Valencia: Seems like more than a coincidence. Think it would activate the rune on the portal?
Valencia: That's beyond my area of expertise, but it's worth going back to Battleon to find out!

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