Cave Inspector


Rosen: Hey! Who are you?
Hero: Me? I'm the…
Hero: Cave inspector!
Guildey: Cave Inspector?
Hero: Yeah, that's it!
Hero: I'm here to make sure all the rocks are in order.
Hero: And, yep, everything checks out.
Hero: Though I may have to write you up for a few loose-looking stalagmites on the ceiling.
Guildey: Wait a minute… Aren't the pointy rocks hanging from the ceiling called stalactites?
Guildey: What kind of cave inspector doesn't know the difference between stalagmites and stalactites?!
Rosen: Because they're not a cave inspector, dummy.
Rosen: They're an intruder!
Guildey: Then who's the cave inspector?
Rosen: There is no cave inspector!
Guildey: How dare you impersonate a professional!
Rosen: Ugh… Just get 'em!

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