Charlie's Giant Head


Matt (Charlie's Manager): Holy !#@$! The outbreak is worse than we thought.
Chelsey (Video Editor): If we are going to stop this outbreak…
Chelsey (Video Editor): We're going to have to get in Charlie's head.
Danny (Videographer): Literally.
Hero: So what do I do…?
Hero: Just parkour up into his ear or something?
Danny (Videographer): No… the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
Hero: Thought we were trying to get in his head?
Danny (Videographer): Look… I don't make the rules here.
Danny (Videographer): If we're going to collapse the Moistverse, you want to get him to open up his mouth.
Hero: How the heck do we do that!?
Matt (Charlie's Manager): I know… ask him to review a bad game.
Hero: Too late, it's not working.
Everyone: ….
Matt (Charlie's Manager): Listen, if we want to open his mouth and walk in his head….
Matt (Charlie's Manager): SOMEONE must prove their worth….
Matt (Charlie's Manager): …and complete the FOUR TRIALS OF THE MOISTVERSE.
Hero: Why are you all looking at me?
Hero: Hey… wait…
Hero: Is this going to turn me into a Charlie?
Matt (Charlie's Manager): What? No…..
Chelsey (Video Editor): Absolutely not.
Hero: Good.
Matt (Charlie's Manager): Now, to pass the first trial… you'll need to find a white t-shirt.
Hero: You son of a…..
Chelsey (Video Editor): Which… is exactly why you should meet me near the pile of Moist T-shirts that's become sentient and started eating people.

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