Chasing Shadows III


Shadow (???): Whispers Your kind are so fragile.
Shadow (???): Whispers How can you bear being weighed down by all that needy flesh?
Hero: I am rather attached to it.
Shadow (???): Whispers Always hungry… always…. wanting.
Shadow (???): Whispers Maybe you are like us after all. There are so few of us here.
Hero: Few of you?
Shadow (???): Whispers Yes. There are few.
Shadow (???): Whispers Do you have any idea what is required to get to your world from mine?Hero: Where are you from?
Shadow (???): Whispers You cannot fathom the seething, Darkness drenched pitch-blackness of my home.
Shadow (???): Whispers I'm but a visitor to your world.
Shadow (???): Whispers Just as you wish to be a visitor to…
Hero: The Tower Of Necromancy?
Shadow (???): Whispers Yes. It is time. Meet me at the door… if you can.
<The shadow disappears once more>
Hero: About time!

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