Ring Master of Doom
Yay! Welcome to the Ring of Doom!

Ring of Doom?
EbilCorp is proud to present this new franchise of illegal, underground, zombie wrestling tournaments!

EbilCorp (TM) - A name you can trust. EbilCorp is a nice company. Doing nice things. All of the time.

Chairman Platinum
The illustrious leader of EbilCorp is the smart, courageous, wise, and philanthropic Chairman Platinum.

I get paid extra for saying it exactly like that.

…and a bonus if you die in your next Ring of Doom fight.

He's watching our every move from above the ring.

- Daily Gains
- Ring of Doom Shop

Unlock the next rank by doing Ring of Doom Quests!

Your rank in the Ring of Doom is…

- Teleport to Chairman Platinum's Roost (Teleports you to Chairman Platinum (NPC)'s Roost in Ring of Doom)

Location: Ring of Doom (Location)

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