Cleric- Strange Indeed


The Cleric: Back so soon, loud one?
Hero: The Undead Legion… Their forces were heading this way. Have you seen them?
The Cleric: Indeed, indeed…
The Cleric: They are inside the Monastery as we speak.
Hero: What!? Why would the Undead Legion hole themselves up in your Monastery?
The Cleric: Hmm… The Undead Legion.
The Cleric: The leader of this raid… The Battle Mage, Kragan Zul… Certainly used to be a part of the Legion.
Hero: Used to be? What do you mean, used to be?
The Cleric: Kragan Zul has betrayed Dage the Evil. He hopes to slay him and take his place.
The Cleric: A fool's errand, obviously. But when do those who seek power ever consider the consequences?
Hero: But if it's Dage he's after, then why is he here?
The Cleric: He seeks a powerful artifact hidden in Seleden Forest.
The Cleric: Something he thinks will give him the power to defeat Dage and take his throne.
Hero: The Shattered Sword…
The Cleric: Oh! You've heard of it, too? It seems your friend Kragan Zul has some competition.
The Cleric: The sword has been here for… Oh, since the war.
The Cleric: And now Kragan Zul has locked me out of my own Monastery while he searches for it.
Hero: Wait… The sword is in there!?
Hero: And Kragan Zul's already in there, with a head start…
The Cleric: Who can say? Though the sword is in the Monastery.
The Cleric: Perhaps some "Hero" could help me protect it. Someone like you, maybe?

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