Cleric What Being A Baddie


Hero: Cleric What!
Hero: It's really you! Thank heck, that means the Time Portal worked!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Who are you? How do you know my name?
Hero: I'm… I'm <Hero>. Don't you remember?
Hero: I've been trying to help you find a way out of here!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Lies! Everyone in this accursed place is evil. You're no different!
Hero: Well, I don't think EVERYONE here is evil…
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Of course they are. We are all being punished for our crimes.
Hero: Okay… so, what's YOUR crime, then?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Stealing time, of course.
Hero: How the heck do you steal TIME?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): DOOM SCROLLING.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): But I was only stealing it from myself!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): It trapped me in an endless cycle of misery.
Hero: Well, you gotta stop!
Hero: Your future self sent me to warn you.
Hero: This "Endless Vex"… YOU'RE the one who created it!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): What? But… how is that possible?
Hero: You told me time flows differently here. Chronomancy doesn't work the way it should.
Hero: So I guess that means you have to stop using your time magic.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Fiend! You can't fool me with your lies!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): You're just trying to stop me from escaping this place.
Hero: Come on, man. I'm just trying to help…
Cleric What (Chronomancer): I won't let you keep me here!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): TIME to die!

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