Cleric What Is Getting Frustrated


Hero: Oh, thank heck! I've found the sane one again!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): YOU.
Hero: Oh, no.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): How dare you show your face again? You tried to trick me!
Hero: Come on, man. You know I didn't.
Hero: Don't you remember what happened?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): How could I forget?! You jumped me back when I first came to this place!
Hero: What? No! That's not how it went at all!
Hero: Oh, man… this is exactly what your future self was talking about!
Hero: Time flows differently here. Chronomancy doesn't work the same way…
Hero: I went through the portal… and I changed time, didn't I?
Hero: Boy, this is getting confusing!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Quiet! I won't listen to your lies!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): You may have escaped last TIME…
Cleric What (Chronomancer): But THIS TIME I won't let you get away!

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