Cleric What Waited For So Long


Cleric What (Chronomancer): …<Hero>? Is that you?
Hero: Cleric What??
Hero: Oh, no… you've gotten so old!
Hero: How long have I been gone??
Cleric What (Chronomancer): I waited for you…
Cleric What (Chronomancer): I waited for a hundred years!
Hero: Dude, come on. Don't exaggerate. How is that even possible?!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Time flows differently here.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Chronomancy… my time magic… does not have the predicted effect.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): It's all been a trap… a trap of my own creation!
Hero: I don't understand. What are you telling me?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): I never should have sent you through the portal, <Hero>.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): You must go back and warn my younger self.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Stop me from creating this Endless Vex!
Hero: How am I supposed to do that?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Ha, ha, ha… how, indeed?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Kill the Time Beast, <Hero>. Go back through the Time Portal.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): It is the only thing you CAN do.
Hero: But… isn't that the SAME THING you just said I SHOULDN'T have done?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Yes! Isn't it insane?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): But what choice do we have?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Either way, we are killing time.

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