Collector's Edition Shop


Requirements: Must purchase the Collector's Edition Package in order to access this shop.

Note: Players who purchased or obtained the Guardian Package during the Pre-Beta were automatically upgraded to the Collector's Edition Package.
Name Level Price
Weapon.png Guardian Sword raresmall.png uncommonsmall.png 2 1 Gold
Armor.png Guardian Dragon Armor awesomesmall.png 1 1 Gold
Glove.png Guardian Dragon Gloves awesomesmall.png 2 1 Gold
Boot.png Guardian Dragon Boots awesomesmall.png 2 1 Gold
Belt.png Guardian Dragon Belt awesomesmall.png 2 1 Gold
Helm.png Guardian Dragon Helmet awesomesmall.png 2 1 Gold
Shoulder.png Guardian Dragon Shoulder awesomesmall.png 2 1 Gold
Cape.png Guardian Dragon Wings awesomesmall.png 2 1 Gold
Transformation.png Elite Guardian Rider legendarysmall.png 1 1 Gold
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