To make it a command, add the forward slash, e.g /join

friend <player's name>: Sends friend request to the player.
fullscreen: Toggles fullscreen
ignore <player's name>: Ignores a player. The players' names will then be visible on the Ignore List in the order in which they were ignored.
ignorelist: Brings up a list of all the players you ignored
report <player's name>: Reports a player. This command only works for usernames of players in the same room you are in.
showstore: Displays the upgrade menu. raresmall.png
unignore <player's name>: Unignores a player. This command can be also used on words/phrases that are not part of usernames, and they will still be added to the Ignore List.
w <player's name> (space bar): Whisper to someone privately
t <player's name> (space bar): Whisper to someone privately
tell <player's name> (space bar): Whisper to someone privately
<player's name> > (space bar): Whisper to someone privately
r (space bar): Replies to someone privately
join <location name>: Takes you to the desired location. They are as follows:
  • barrowdrop
  • barrowpoint
  • battleon
  • battleonfrost seasonalsmall.png
  • battleonm seasonalsmall.png
  • bonecliffs
  • classtrainers
  • cyseroshop
  • dagechallenge
  • doomwoodforest
  • doomwoodgraveyard
  • doomwoodtower
  • dragoncamp
  • dragonchallenge1
  • dragonchallenge2
  • dragonchallenge3
  • dragonshall specialsmall.png
  • dragontent
  • dragonwatchbattle
  • dragonwatchkeep
  • drickencave
  • dropchallenge
  • forestlobby
  • frostval seasonalsmall.png
  • greencavelobby
  • greengrotto
  • greenguard
  • greenguardcave
  • greenguardnorth
  • greenguardsouth
  • gt_fightbattle specialsmall.png
  • gt_fighttraining specialsmall.png
  • gt_magetraining specialsmall.png
  • guardiantower specialsmall.png
  • hauntedhouse seasonalsmall.png
  • heartwood
  • lowerfirefield
  • intro
  • intro2
  • livingstone
  • magicshoppe
  • shatterskullbridge
  • skulltower
  • upperfirefield
  • yulgarsinn
  • yulgarsinkhole


To make it a command, add the forward slash, e.g /dance

/comeon: you express your anger
/cry: you cry
/exorcist: you twist your head
/facepalm: you facepalm
/fistshake: you fistshake
/levitate: you levitate
/mj: you dance
/squat: you squat
/thewave: you do the "wave"
/wave: you wave

Keyboard Shortcuts

0 (on NumPad): Hides/Displays in-game UI (Toggle On/Off)
9 (on NumPad): Makes your character disappear (Re-log, or unequip/equip another armor to make yourself reappear) raresmall.png
B: Opens Inventory
Esc: Opens Menu
I: Opens Inventory
Tab: Cycles through monster targets
U: Opens Use Menu
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