Completing The Djinn's Trial


Lord Sekt: Stand aside, <Hero>! The Djinn is mine!
Hero: Wait, what—

«Scene: Lord Sekt delivering the last blow to the Djinn»
«Scene fades»

Khal-No'Bir: Enough the trial is complete!
Hero: But you're away from your temple… you told me that would kill you.
Khal-No'Bir: Lord Sekt has delivered the final blow… And in doing so, the wish is his!
Lord Sekt: Haha! Just as planned!
Hero: What?! How are you even here?
Lord Sekt: That trinket I gave you was more than just a means of communication…
Lord Sekt: It was my way of transporting to you whenever I see fit!
Lord Sekt: I was merely biding time until the right moment to strike!
Lord Sekt: And it most certainly will if I'm away for too long… But I could not pass up this chance!
Hero: Why would you do this? I thought you wanted to stop Vane?
Lord Sekt: Believe me, <Hero>, I do. I am committed to defeating Vane.
Lord Sekt: But if anyone is going to vanquish him, it will be me!
Lord Sekt: Once my wish is granted, I will see to it personally that Vane and that wretched Azella meet their demise!
Lord Sekt: They had the gall to invade my desert, to enter my temple…
Lord Sekt: And make me look like a fool!
Lord Sekt: I will make them rue the day they crossed Lord Sekt!
Hero: You despicable, deceitful—-
Lord Sekt: Oh, save your banal insults for someone who cares… I have a wish to make.
Lord Sekt: Khal-No'Bir, I order you to grant me the power I rightfully deserve…
Lord Sekt: Immortality that knows no bounds across any plane of existence…
Lord Sekt: Unparreled power that surpasses that of even the Keeper of the Sun Osirus herself!
Lord Sekt: I wish… to become the most powerful being that has ever existed!
Khal-No'Bir: Your wish is denied.
Lord Sekt: What?!
Khal-No'Bir: My master, Skorpienne, Keeper of Death, does not approve of your wish.
Lord Sekt: That insufferable Skorpienne… I demand to speak with her at once!
Khal-No'Bir: She says "no."
Lord Sekt: Oh… She thinks she can get another one over me. Not this time!
Lord Sekt: Listen here, Djinn! You let your master know that if she doesn't speak with me this instant…
Lord Sekt: I'll refuse to make a wish for the rest of my eternal life — making her precious lamp useless!
Lord Sekt: Ask her how she'd feel about that!
Khal-No'Bir: Very well… The Keeper of Death has agreed to meet you.
Lord Sekt: That's Right! That deathmonger won't get one over on me this time!
Khal-No'Bir: If you say so… Now go, Lord Sekt… take the portal to enter the Keeper of Death's Ethereal Pyramid.
Hero: Sekt, wait! Don't do this!

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