Conflict with Lord Sekt


Hero: What's the issue between the rebels and Lord Sekt anyway?
Zhoom: He is not a worthy leader for this land.
Hero: Why do you say that?

Zhoom: He gained his power through treachery and deception, resulting in countless deaths, and he lead the Sandsea into ruin!
Zhoom: During the centuries of his rule, Sandsea has become a desolate, treacherous place…
Zhoom: Cities have fallen and become lost to time, and monsters have taken over a largely uninhabitable land.

Zhoom: All the while, Sekt remains inside his temple, never lifting a finger to better the lives of anyone but himself.
Hero: Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.
Zhoom: And because we rebel against him, we are viewed as enemies of the land.

Zhoom: We are blamed for every crisis that befalls the desert just so that Sekt does not appear culpable.
Hero: That's pretty dirty of him.
Zhoom: It is his nature.

Zhoom: My ancestors have led the rebellion against him since the start of his tyrannical reign.
Zhoom: It's why Sekt wants me gone so that he can rule without any opposition.
Hero: Has he sent many people after you?

Zhoom: Countless. Although, you're the only one to have ever made it this close to me.
Hero: Then it's a good thing we're not enemies.
Zhoom: I agree. It would be very bad for one of us if we were.

Hero: Alright, well, good chat!

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