Confront Dage


«Dage The Evil slowly approaches the Hero from the blue flames»

Hero: Dage…
Hero: I have fought many battles.
Hero: I have the strength.
Hero: I am ready to take my place in the UNDEAD LEGION

Dage The Evil (Legion Overlord): YOU ARE NOT READY.

Hero: What?
Hero: Of course, I am!
Hero: I've overcome every trial thrown at me! My soul is worthy!

Dage The Evil (Legion Overlord): NOT YET.

Hero: am! You KNOW that I am!
Hero: You came to me! Not the other way around!
Hero: I passed your stupid tests!
Hero: It's YOU who isn't ready for ME!

«The Hero jump towards Dage, trying to strike him»
«Dage bonks the Hero, stopping the attack and makes the Hero fall»

Dage The Evil (Legion Overlord): KNOW YOUR PLACE!

Hero: Aughh… I…

Dage The Evil (Legion Overlord): SPEAK TO VOST. WE ARE DONE FOR NOW.

«Dage The Evil slowly walks away through the blue flames»

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