Confronting Constantine


Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): First you kidnap Safiria's brother…
Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): Now, you try and ruin our wedding.
Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): You are truly wretched creatures.
Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): When I hunt your kind to extinction, the world will cheer my name.

Constantine (Lycan Soldier): You don't understand…
Constantine (Lycan Soldier): I am Safiria's brother.

Hero: WHAT?!

Constantine (Lycan Soldier): I'm Bram Granemore, now called Constantine.

Hero: What's going on?

Constantine (Lycan Soldier): There's no time to explain.

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): Try!

Constantine (Lycan Soldier): Lycans have our own book of Darkov.
Constantine (Lycan Soldier): In it there is a prophecy that the first vampire, QUEEN SAFIRIA, will be reborn!
Constantine (Lycan Soldier): Her body would be reincarnated and come of age just before the Blood Moon.

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): Safiria… my love.

Constantine (Lycan Soldier): MY sister.
Constantine (Lycan Soldier): Queen Safiria's essence still exists here, in this castle CATACOMBS.
Constantine (Lycan Soldier): It can be blended with the mortal body and Queen Safiria will live again.
Constantine (Lycan Soldier): Drachus knew all of this.

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): My…. Father?

Constantine (Lycan Soldier): Yes. He plans to let Queen Safiria's essence take over my sister's body and somehow steal her power.

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): He would have all the power of the most ancient bloodline of vampires on Lore.

Hero: We have to save Safiria!

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): We have to get to the catacombs!

Constantine (Lycan Soldier): Stop Drachus! Save my sister!

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