Confronting Direwolf


  • Walk into the light beam near the Wolf Pit during the 'Dire Straits' quest

Direwolf (Lycan In Disguise): So you are the hero that Legate Tactus told us about.
Hero: You're a Werewolf. Why infect normal wolves with your curse?
Direwolf (Lycan In Disguise): Lycans are creatures that can shift from wolf to humanoid form.
Direwolf (Lycan In Disguise): We are in need of soldiers for our way. Why would it matter which form they start in?
Hero: These animals are as innocent as the people in Darkhurst.
Direwolf (Lycan In Disguise): You know, I am under orders to kill you on sight.
Hero: Funny, I was about to say the same thing.
Direwolf (Lycan In Disguise): Legate Tactus will award me my own legion for your head.

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